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Summer Steam Deals – What to Get for Free Steam Wallet Codes?

Hot Steam games for hot summer days

hot steam summer games

Steam summer sale is the best time of the year to use Steam wallet codes simply because you may get the most from it; many games are on huge discounts and companies offers game bundles for ridiculous price! Here is quick overview of the best PC games that you can get on Steam and enjoy with your friends playing them during long, hot summer days.

Good Old Days – Civilization V

For every old-school games, the name Civilization is synonym of a perfect game and Sid Meiers is almost a saint! If you belong to younger generations, you must definitely try the newest game in the series – Civilization V.  It is turn based strategy game that requires some thinking and planning, so be ready to devote some time into this game, you will get extraordinary gaming experience and you may learn something more about history of the mankind. From other side, if you are old player of the Civilization series, be ready to adapt to a new game mechanism as it evolved from the time when first game ruled global gaming community.

Your Watch Begins – Overwatch!

When it comes to gaming, one thing is sure – Blizzard knows how to make games! We do not need to mention Warcraft or Diablo series to make a point; you already know that a game from this studio must be damn good! The latest game from their laboratory is first person shooter – Overwatch, a game that in some sense remind us on Team Fortress 2, a game that is dedicated to give intense action and simple fun. If you are looking for fun, fast and creative multiplayer experience, start steam wallet code generator and begin your watch, you will not be disappointed.

 What about Good RPG Game?

If you are passionate RPG gamer, you can get free steam wallet codes and find just a perfect role play game on Steam – Divinity: Original Sin! It is masterpiece comparable with the best titles in the genre such as Baldur Gate or Icewind Dale. It combines the best elements from those titles with Ultima gameplay style that blends into unique experience. Dungeons, goblins, dragons, skills, spells – all of that and much more awaits for you in Divinity: Original Sin, your perfect RPG game for this summer!

His Majesty – DOOM!

According to many game critics, the original Doom game was the most popular FPS game ever made! Now you have unique opportunity to continue annihilation of demonic forces in the newest version of the game that is available on the Steam. According to reviews and community commentaries, new Doom is definitely the game that you simply must play this summer. It offers intense action, huge weapon arsenal and face to face combat with all kinds of demons, abominations and monsters. Oh, joy!